About the Artist

Mumbleweeds is a line of colorful paper goods and gifts based on original watercolor paintings and hand lettering by artist/designer Stevie Driscoll.

Stevie was professionally trained as a graphic designer, but after years of working behind a screen designing for other people’s brands, she craved an outlet where she could work with her hands and play with paper and paint instead of just pixels. What was once only a hobby, her painting and hand lettering artwork has blossomed into Mumbleweeds.

Originally from rural West Virginia, Stevie now lives in Toronto, Ontario with her partner Adrian, a couple of fish tanks, and a great many houseplants. Her work is inspired by a love of the natural world (predominantly flowers), good food, and silly jokes.

Stevie now spends her time running Mumbleweeds and freelancing. To see her client-based work, you can check out her portfolio of branding, packaging, and invitation design at steviedriscoll.com.

Why Paint Plants

Published in Extember, Spring 2021

I paint plants as way of experiencing them and celebrating them more thoroughly and intimately. I think it’s akin to when you see something so cute that you want to eat it, like the impulse to gobble up baby toes. When you love something, you want more of it, in whatever way your brain interprets “more” to mean.

I grew up surrounded by green. My beautiful, wooden childhood home floated in a vast sea of grass with islands of vegetable and flower gardens, surrounded by the rolling hills of West Virginia. My dad was a landscaper who moved from the city to the country and exerted his will upon the land tirelessly. He lived and breathed plants (and also enjoyed puns, another characteristic I’ve inherited).

Now that I’ve moved from the country to the city (not entirely by my own accord), I long to be surrounded by plants again. Gratefully, my partner maintains a mighty number of houseplants. The flowers, fruits, and vegetables that we can’t grow, I paint instead.